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China Jintan City of Experimental Kindergarten a family education seminar
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Early Childhood Family Education is an important part of education, in order to improve the education level of parents, families and helping parents to establish a correct concept of family education, family education to master the scientific method. The afternoon of November 4, China Experimental Kindergarten City to organize a small park parents in all three areas of family education seminars, more than 500 parents and teachers listened attentively to learn from early childhood family education experts in China Professor Gao Hong's report. Professor Gao Hong on how to cultivate children's interest in reading and enhance children self-confidence, develop good study habits and parent-child communication skills and knowledge of early childhood language development potential of a detailed comprehensive exposition. Lectures Great variety, through the questions, and other forms of interactive games with parents, so parents and teachers who inspired benefit. Dissemination of early education idea to let the parents to understand the methods of science education for the children to create a good family environment is the first step in child development and the key talent. Experimental Kindergarten Hwaseong sing praises new trilogy in the same , The focus on the links and interaction with parents, the latest educational information in a timely manner to pass to parents. This seminar not only to parents new educational ideas and methods to teach the child, leaving the parents know the importance of cooperation to their homes, thereby The quality of early childhood family education to promote continuous improvement.