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Standardized training tutoring market is still long way to go
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In recent years, the community norms tutoring market for the increasing demands, the first time authorities issued regulations prohibited from engaging in paid tutoring service teachers, students parents to find professional, experienced tutors More pains. Recently, the authorities launched a tutor certificates system, how this market can bring tutors to improve the overall quality of staff? Can help to solve the problem of market regulation on the hand? Reporter In the interview, found that social aspects of this, there are still different voices. ● tutoring division introduced a mixed reaction to the parties It is reported that, with the in-service teachers engaged in prohibited activities provisions after the introduction of paid tutoring, the number of work-study tutor college students have accounted for about 20% of the total number of tutors, but there are a lot of their parents, tutoring by college students Experience and professional standards of good and bad. At the same time, given China's PTA market, mainly to school tutor tutoring centers and social institutions as the main body of each tutoring although its internal management system, but failed to reach a unified standard, because The tutoring market is still the lack of a reasonable specification. It is also in such a context, the recent Department of Human Resources and Social Security employment training center in China has launched a tutoring teacher training programs. According to the person in charge of the project: "tutoring Teacher training is not mandatory, but it has a certain authority, the future parents and students can log on the website of the Ministry of Labor to obtain qualification certificates tutoring teacher list to easily find suitable, satisfactory and professional The tutoring teacher. " In this regard, the reporter interviewed a number of university students tutor, is almost half of the students in the university that they are less willing to consider the many documents to obtain tutoring in addition to teacher certificates. A student surnamed Wang said: "Students Tutoring market, the importance of experience in the first place, doing better generally have their own tutor tutoring relatively fixed object, do not need any certificate to prove himself. Tutoring division of this certificate may be a teacher More useful to students, if students can not find work full-time tutor to do the job is only a temporary buffer pressure once a few years later to find the ideal job, it will not do a full-time tutor. " Negative attitude with respect to students, parents would think that this certification trusted, a parent told reporters: "We think highly of the teaching method of college students tutor children and their fitness, we will priority First choose the official certification of the tutor, so I feel more at ease. " Easy to teach this network Sujing Li said: "In the current situation of relatively large pressure on employment, some students will do a full-time tutor as part of its work from the school to find a satisfactory transition between. From years of university students tutor Situation, more and more just graduated from college students to do a full-time tutor regarded as his own work, while tutoring and work more than some people earn even more than other professions. Tutoring division of this emerging profession The rise of full-time university students tutor will be regulated through policy, and the job market for college students is beneficial. In many overseas countries, has long been prohibited in-service teachers engaged in paid tutoring activities, all engaged in paid Tutors are full-time tutor, and they are highly professional higher education. " Brain Training School Jiayue not forget, also states that permit the introduction of teacher tutoring, tutoring for students, parents, a good thing in terms of family education institution may be some disadvantage. Because more students than teachers tutor The examination capacity, deficiencies in teaching skills and communication skills. If the students through training to improve teaching skills, will greatly increase their market share. ● Specification tutoring market is still long way to go Zheng, Beijing Normal University graduate students started in the period from the university tutor activities, has been universally praised by parents, she also believes that the experience of tutor is the most important, the more extensive teaching experience, their own education School levels to improve faster. Some parents said in an interview, contact with college students tutor children are generally only for answering questions, so they are not very good basis for a number of children. For better academic performance of children, he We need to learn methods and difficult to explain the problem sets, or the need to find some experienced teachers to counseling. "After all, college students and professional tutors tutor or a gap, if we can through training to a large Raise the level of student tutoring, is good. "And the parents said they would study the situation according to their child's teachers choose different teaching methods, but because of lack of knowledge and experience of teaching college students, and sometimes can not pin The child's specific learning remedy. Teacher training programs for tutoring and self-learning curriculum can enable students to tutor in the form of experience growth and improve their own teaching, they said they would wait and see. Tutoring market norms for the current problem, easy to teach network Sujing Li said: "A tutor a student, this model allows individual behavior is more like tutoring. Currently the market is a lack of tutoring can effectively regulate Individual supervision to each tutor, tutoring market is so huge, in order to regulate this area, do not take time to complete, and require long-term effort step by step. "Brain Training School Jiayue forget is that the Pro Chancellor, University of Increased capacity of students tutor is not an overnight thing, a certificate of training alone can not solve the fundamental problems and examinations.