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Educational policy education sector often being criticized Taiwan lament: hard
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According to Taiwan media reports, the gunmen involved in the murder of Taichung corner Liao Guohao some "education ruined me", triggering public discussion, experts and scholars have recently criticized the series of education policy. Taiwan's "Ministry of Education," Thank advice, but also stressed that the policy difficult to perfect. According to reports, Lee Chia-tung called on academics, family dysfunction for the child, the teacher should assume the responsibility of parents, psychological support for children, the teacher's function is not to every student admitted to elite schools, but to every child become a useful person in society. Cardinal Shan Kuo-hsi, also said that children often like Liao Guohao demerits, they will give up on themselves, to the underworld than the ruthless, hope that teachers pay more attention to the rules and regulations often make students more encouragement and recognition so that they have a sense of accomplishment to there will be a good development. For education, Ma Ying-jeou in Taiwan's education was noted that the "big people can not shirk its responsibility." The voice of disadvantaged students have been hard to hear, looking forward to the first line of teachers, "Education Department" to launch really take care of the weak education policy. "The Ministry of Education," said Vice Minister Wu Tsai-shun, "the Ministry of Education," Technical and vocational education policy is also pragmatic Zhiyong, is now working to increase the interaction between enterprises and schools, but some problems in implementation, will further review the improvements.