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Junior poisoned "learning model" family education caused by hot
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Xiao Ming Shan Henan ensure academic excellence, academic performance of small parties in general, parents often take Xiao Ming and his comparison, he was bored, had to let Xiao Ming "disappeared from the earth," the idea, after the poisoned medicines Xiao Ming. Problem is a child, but similar problems are common in family education ... ... Green vines: Parents practices have a problem. Parents take their children's shortcomings compared with other children's strengths. The child is tall and strict requirements, completely ignoring the actual situation of the child, can not properly guide their children, resulting in a child's psychological collapse. Lu Yi Xiao: Junior poisoned "example" children exposed to the pressure, but also need to change that way of parenting. Small to be pampered only child, growing up in the atmosphere of overweening. It also warned parents not just stare at the child results. Small Hao: first the habit among children, the formation of good character, good learn from others strengths, good make up our own weaknesses. Lu Yi Xiao: How often parents do not recognize the child? Commended and encouraged to leave the parents, the child's door slowly closed. Grass: a child with an appreciative perspective, any time, in the face of any man, every firm in this belief. Small Hao: parents in their children a little more love, love heart, not the surface to depth! Tin Lok: Parents should allow children to make mistakes. Happy: Every child is unique, parents should realize that there are differences is normal. Sweet Dad: Recently, students from school children to the many shocking cases occurred, all that mental health train children how important it is. Lotus sharp: the first will love their children, will love others. Parents love their children, to give children a strong inner support. The moon full moon: Sometimes parents do not clear what children need love, only love their children in their own ways. Bridges: Sometimes parents love, children do not go for it. Lotus sharp: for parents to broad-minded and tolerant. Green vines: the mental health of parents, children to be healthy. Bridges: sunny attitude to the children, it is not easy to do. That is because the mentality of the parents is not enough sunlight. Ah-tao: blind comparison is taboo family education, which will hurt the child's self-esteem and self-confidence, enhance the child's sense of inferiority, hatred or revenge will make the child "example."