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8 kinds of behavior can let you become most unsuccessful parent
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According to the psychologist investigation to large quantities of parents, discover 8 kinds of typical behavior bring about unsuccessful parents.

One, without the principle

Without the parents of the principle, final meeting is controlled by children. Once hear the child to say,ever had a mother " I did not go to school " , surrender immediately, promise any requirements of the child. This mother is immersed in acedia condition finally.

2, overprotection

What parents protects is more, the child is more incompetent. The Buddhist nun is collected had said, the biggest kind often is included the biggest evil.

3, nag, homiletic, long-winded, shout

Such parents is the parents of low intelligence quotient normally, because won't say some of useful word, accordingly, can repeat some of useless word only.

4, the praise is flush

To the children of 4 years old of above, "Intimate elder sister " the praise of type had not acted well. You always cannot be used " the child, your dishy " the speech that is without nutrient value so " flicker " oneself child.

5, penalty is overweight

When remembering junior high school, the mom of my friend wants to make her son outstanding too, the son genuflect that once let her serve as penalty overnight, result, this my friend from now on touched.

6, the feeling of privative child

Parents often replaces the child's feeling with his feeling, the viewpoint of value that uses oneself measures the child's action, result child was lost experience, the opportunity of judgement.

7, achievement and creativity take the branch for the root

Great majority parents the achievement besides care child, do not know the child still has more important than achievement part to need to care.

8, oversight fun

Hopeful nature is parents gives the child one of the most valuable gifts.

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