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Huanggang teacher as a tutor to learn backgammon H2 Video Machine prices
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Recent video learning machine Hunan TV ad backgammon play very loud, more Canadian Idol Kyung Ho Strength in their behalf, making the step by step video learning machine popular in north and south. "Huanggang teacher to give you as a tutor," the ad Word is also greatly attracted hopeful parents. A time when Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holidays, many parents want to take advantage of this holiday friends are in the promotion of various commodities the opportunity to buy a machine learning, enhance the child's Academic performance. Today brings a model Xiaobian backgammon evaluation H2 Forum Gallery offer online shopping Nett video learning machine, with large screen, the content is very complete, providing the user side to the students It shows very clearly, Sanhao original price 1798 yuan, and now down hundred sales, merchants offer is only 1,698 yuan. Very affordable. Like a friend who may wish to find out. Appearance, BBK BBK H2 learning machine is very large 4.3-inch screen display is very clear, the resolution is 480 × 272 pixels, true color high-definition TFT display, the whole body looks nice, smooth lines. Functions, step by step BBK H2 Chinese input method; Pinyin, Wubi, handwriting input; support handwriting, MP3 player, e-books, digital recording, variable speed playback, repeat function. Other properties are "Longman English Dictionary "" English Dictionary "," New English Dictionary "(Century Edition)," Modern Chinese Dictionary "(Chinese-English bilingual edition)," Chinese students to the ancient Chinese Dictionary "," Cambridge Dictionary of Commerce "," slang Dictionary "," big English four, six words utilize Collection "," four English words utilize Collection, "" eight English words utilize Collection. " Information is very full. Interface, BBK BBK H2 offers USB1.1 interface and user-friendly connection. Storage, 2GB of memory (the system space of about 400MB), maximum support 16GB Micro SD (TF) card expansion, with 1400MAH lithium battery.