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Beijing united schedule of the university entrance exam 2008
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Beijing wise move does announced this city to united the university entrance exam 2008Schedule. The university entrance exam will still be in on June 7, two days will undertake on June 8. Recruit studentsCheck-up will undertake at will arriving 20 days on March 1 next year, relatively in advance of in former years a month.

To this, city wise move does concerned controller to express, shift to an earlier date check-up time, because enter oneself for an examination,can avoid examinee high post appears when own recruit students the situation that repeats check-up.

Beijing had 10 high post schools to begin own recruit students 2007, involve more than 10 thousand examinee. Because check-up time is skimble-scamble, relevant examinee is inAttendHigh post should attend check-up twice before own recruit students and common the university entrance exam. After time of next year check-up shifts to an earlier date, enter oneself for an examination the examinee of own recruit students need not attend high post school 2 times again check-up.

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Date on June 7 on June 8

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