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The 4 education detail of mother of a Germany
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The 4 education detail of a German mother

Play game to also want managing bullet

What I hire is small building of a three-layer, landlord is called Marie, it is a widow, a person is taking a son to writing brush the Buddhist nun lives about. A day, I go to Ma beautiful room to pay rent, see before ground of in full swing sits in computer, Johnny is playing fire game. Marie seems not to object to this, chat with me at the same time, paying close attention to at the same time " front " war situation, promulgate oral commend in time to make for Johnny.

Below mom's encouragement, fellow jumps over Zhan Yueyong, frequency of news of victory passes: Report mom, I passed to close again! Report mom, I change equipment! Be in at this moment, marie raves suddenly to the son: "Johnny's general, suspend an action immediately please! " press suspensive key decides game case on Yaohannima, had twisted a head to come one face is visitting mother confusedly. I also very indissoluble, see Marie is without smile, earnest ground to say on the face only: "A moment ago that wears a plane, obviously a missile can its down, why should you use 3 missile? Do you know how much the price of a missile is? At least 3 million mark! Do you know how to many person is hungry abdomen there still is to wait to relieve on the world now? You... "

Johnny's face goes up aglowly, tear is straight in orbit revolve, be about to cry greatly soon, but the meaning that mom a bit did not compromise. I say this at once is game only just, need not so serious. "Hit game to also want managing bullet. " the Zhang that Marie buys me far from, be apt to of the ability when game is being hit to be wasted no longer after lowering his head to acknowledge a mistake and assure to Johnny all the time stops be willing to give up.

This issue left very deep impression to me. Think only our Chinese just values growing education of the child formerly, look now be not such. Place of famous entrepreneur Mr Yu Shiwei says Taiwan of no less than in that way, be in a few more Euramerican developed country, parents is mixed for education exercise the child, often hold the blame in child life, have education at any time and place, anything but appeasement and indulge, because their educational specific aim is strong, very few and theoretic general principle, often have actual effect more so.
Love is more important than money
Have paragraph of time, johnny generated interest to brush calligraphy of China, beg me to teach him to write brush word every day. I do not wish naturally to let off this opportunity that promotes Chinese traditional culture, agree willingly then. I and Marie take the bookshop that he opens to a Chinese to buy rice paper and brush this day afternoon, just took street corner, see a beggar crouchs in the corner to laughing to Johnny. Waveringly draws out Johnny the money in exit bag, say to mom: "Mom, I want to give this uncle the money that buys a pen. " had not waited for Marie to talk, I capture his little hand to say at once: "Fasten such, johnny, these people are cheater. " Johnny looked at me questioningly, flounce off my hand gently, continue to say to the mother: "Mom -- " had not waited for him to say, marie is smiling to encourage: "Go, johnny, you let mom feel proud. You let mom feel proud..
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