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3 words of the teacher of parents of expostulatory the world
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Good parentage surpasses a lot of education

Now in the family, be placed in the first place ought to be filial education issue, a lot of parents hope children will have a bright future the heart is cut, will teach the child through all sorts of means, but everybody often oversight him child the feeling of itself, oversight does impossible of grave of magpie of Gan Jiang of crisp  of child painful Jian carry  Cong and shake bag to mire Song of the Jian that be not coil is troubled by have diarrhoea ⒆ to embrace some sand し relatively does Jie D knock honest to bake cereal coil up not does bald ⒆ of  Che coal embrace grave impossible to carry  does bald ⒆ embrace a grave? / SPAN>

Professor Sun will be told about to us today " good parentage surpasses a lot of education " , everybody welcomes again. (applause... )

Sun Yunxiao: Today's child is indocile, a lot of parents that are today cannot think of. Why indocile Yo? At least 3 big reasons:

The first, we entered the period of an informatization, the times of informatization shook of parents, right position of the teacher. I am told a bit more popularly, say for example, everybody is recollected, when we are small, it is very easy to feel parents teachs us to seem, parents is very authoritative when we are small quality, right incorrect? Parents dare boast to the child really, "The route that the bridge that I cross takes than you is much " , "The rice that the salt that I eat has than you is much " , is your letter believed? True letter. See adult in one's childhood very mysterious, the thing that adult knows is very much. Today? Came over, past is the child does not understand adult, today is to Your Excellency not to know the child, the child is very mysterious, the child knows a lot of things Your Excellency not to know, right incorrect?

The 2nd, we enter a singleton female times. According to sociological view, parents is a doctor, the child is a patient, brotherly sister is a nurse. The patient wants to often be contacted with the nurse, that is to say, the person's grown a lot of truths basically are from brother obtain between the sister, it is to look of the meeting. Singleton female without brotherly sister, without the nurse, face a doctor directly. Say so, this brings very big worry and challenge to education. I say even, rely on one teachs bad only son female. Does so female family need the singleton what? Singleton female parents needs to rise jointly, rise jointly why on earth? With group treat alone, want decrescent home to be everybody, should change to be raised alone for group raise, this is problem of the 2nd catastrophe.
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