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Gao Sanxue gives birth to psychology to coach 8 big questions
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One of psychological problem guidance: How to alleviate school work angst?

Angst of unripe school work basically behaves Gao Sanxue why to learn motivation to be not worth for exam angst.

What body of student exam angst divides to taking an examination of now is beyond the mark value, city of in the final analysis did not come to oneself the angst of the future. such, the reason has 3: As a result of,be group effect, regard the only index that measures student ability as the mark. 2 it is not self-conscious ground will get tall record of formal schooling to be equal the life value at oneself. 3 be student longing self-fulfilment and achievement of real school work is not ideal and the acknowledge that bring about is not harmonious.

Reduce psychological burden and study burden only, ability eases the pressure that goes up with spirit on study, ability health grows happily. To alleviate and dispel exam worry, can try the following strategy:

The choice suits his target motive level, too strong or too weak motive level makes he arises to failure experiences and cause psychological pressure easily.

Future to each person it is an unknown, not overmuch ground worries about the thing in the future, and go in the life that should invest oneself energy and time reality and study.

Good knowledge preparation and the way to deal with a situation that handle an exam to break out incident and psychological preparation are made before taking an examination of, have equipment ability impunity.

Might as well use " ultimate thinking law " , imagine you an anxiety likely worst outcome. You can discover the current situation is worth while still and hopeful.

Study power is insufficient (study motive issue namely) often also make a student pained. On one hand the student has the need that improves result, and on the other hand, generate blundering, cheesed sentiment easily again, bring about study not to have motivation or dynamical inadequacy. Study motive one's duty is in (have endurance) and explicit (have brief sex) two kinds, learner has only " know to learn " , " academic " and " happy learn " , the study that gives oneself from value with higher opinion, ability can produce abiding study motive. Of course, the explicit motive of study also is necessary, have both harmony effect only, ability can supplement each other, bring out the best in each other.
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