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What work just makes we swing gas ileum
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-- , novel of brigade of Wanghuai Rong Jun brief judge

□ Xie Wenling

About " full " one word, zhang Wei has had very good view, he says work " full " of the strength that is life reflect, it is the sort of Chinese characters cannot of conceal excited and touch. I think 3 work of Wang Huairong " Mrs. Zhou " " drift the smoke from kitchen chimneys in housetop " and " relict " , very accord with " full " say. Because say army brigade work normally, think mostly the picture that can see a war and man, but these 3 work are not, main words of the author falls when undertaking now, take the place of with non-leap year namely. This is written harder actually, because him author is Red Army offspring,can be, he has the sort of narration father generation is like the parent in short, those who have etc. at one's fingertips and write with facility is familiar, more hold that minute of strong feeling concurrently. So of author mood full, moving first and last we, affecting us, so, make we arose to be able to feel touchable feels in all.
" Mrs. Zhou " it is a ministry in piece. Going up somehow, be a legionary battlefront and character a few years however brief shrink history. Leading role Chi Min, this is me in reading limits, compare " unexpected " figure, because the author held to keep character and a contradictory brand-new point of view, this novel readability is very so strong, character also having sth new. This depends on an author experiencing Chi Min a general name for arteries and veins to be explained very clearly all one's life not just, more the disposition that depended on paying attention to depict person and inner activity. When keeping Chi Min mitt for instance " hold back a trick or two " , although mere one has symbolistic action quite, be person heart however outside discharge, it is a detail that provides the form that nod eyeball especially is depicted that is to say.
Additional, the good qualities of this novel depends on: Although leading role is the Chi Min of warlike period and peacetime or madams of a few senior officers. But live with the heroine closely related big male people, score is gotten likewise vivid...
These 3 work, although become independent piece, but be allowed inside and advocate there is organic connection however on costar character. A few soldier senior officers that walk over from inside warlike war, disposition each different, the sign that has a lot of bits of eyeball gets their score very lifelike. Connecting Yuajin of that Mrs. Wang Shen also is, she is costar in 3 work, move Chinese ink is not much also, but be in when in the description that shows when concealed, if let our peek gently,the author lifts weights the figure of madam of another military senior officer.
Wang Huairong's style of writing is flat, flat the degree to Li of coarse having a place. He writes the personal relationship of male and female, writing that writes children affection to grow flat also bright benefit, anything but messy. " drift the smoke from kitchen chimneys in housetop " medium piece of figure of aunt, and " relict " Wei eldest sister is same, very fresh, this once is in revolution and warlike days so gallant and dauntless woman, be in and seemed to lose her value in non-leap year month, although she still vivid is very fresh, can be in a lot of moment a lot of circumstances, she is so malapropos, especially old two final winding-up stage, your person not without sadness, but, the author's narration proper limits for speech or action holds properly, a lot of moment, the pulling force that have the sort of hidden from view and does not send, so, although be piece of aunt of the hero no longer,this is taking the place of with non-leap year, also make us esteem and unforgettable.
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