Easy meridian passage: Li eyebrow cure drips dispatch is called out escape? Li Z
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Easy meridian passage: Li eyebrow cure drips dispatch is called out escape? Li Zhihe earths up actor to destroy human nature

Easy meridian passage professes " first-class father, second-class husband, third class is taught " , his yesterday (9 days, similarly hereinafter) in Chinese accept special interview of morning paper reporter to talk about classics of its family education to say: "My family education is not taught namely, without giving thought to.

Eve of easy meridian passage arrives Chinese, create the name that with deceased teacher moustache Guo Ruixian gives birth to educational fund, aid financially poverty to be born (detailed sees edition of 9 days of A09 reports morning paper) . Yesterday midday, easy meridian passage accepts special report of morning paper reporter, reporter bring out the theme lets him talk " family education classics " , he as always speech " hemp is hot " , cast piece " best family education is not taught namely " , " earth up actor to Li Zhihe detest " , " Xiaofu brings hail namely " etc " family education ana " .

See morning paper talk about family education

The parents of easy meridian passage works in the college, yi Jiasan's brother all has contribution on the career. The shellfish of only daughter easy sea of easy meridian passage builds department undergraduate course, Master to graduate in the university that be the same as aid, shanghai works now.

The family of a such envy making a person, have distinctive family education recipe? Easy meridian passage says however, best family is taught even if do not teach. "The comprehensive freedom that primary purpose of education is implementation person develops, let a person more like the person, is not to resemble a tool, or a component on the machine. " easy meridian passage says, in filial education, parents is the most important is the atmosphere that builds a comfortable, freedom, democracy, make next generation free grow, "Because everybody has a life only, life road has him to choose only, others cannot be replaced " .

Easy meridian passage says, oneself read with respect to love as a child, no matter read what book, parents won't be interfered inscrupulously, use college resource to borrow a book to him as far as possible however. Easy meridian passage says, oneself ancient prose skill basically is called in teenage period.

"Is your father the oldest to your influence? " this problem to the reporter, reply of easy meridian passage says " be ' our parents ' " . Easy meridian passage thinks, in domestic education, maternal effect is mainer, "Teach successful children, 10 have 89 to have a great mother. 10 have 89 to have a great mother..

Easy meridian passage says, he is in come Chinese see 8 days of morning paper report fitly on the plane " play what mom to always be pulled " composition " " , he thinks this mother education is not gotten law, "Look after children the purpose that goes out to play is for the child's health originally grow, the result is just the opposite to what one wished however " .
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